E-mail flows Santa Claus should use

santa claus

Welcome series e-mail flow

First, he should use the welcome series e-mail flow!

Welcome e-mails are an excellent way for Santa Claus to make a good first impression on his clients. By sending a welcome e-mail, Santa can introduce himself and his services, provide helpful information about how to get started, and thank clients for sending their Christmas wishes.
Welcome e-mails also help build trust and loyalty, which is essential for any business, especially for keeping the Christmas spirit. 

Abandoned cart e-mail flow

Now it gets interesting! What if someone wishes for something but, for some reason, forgets about it? What should Santa do?

Santa Claus should use an abandoned cart email flow to improve children’s happiness for Christmas because it can help him to remind children who have added items to their wish list but have not completed the purchase.
This will help Santa ensure that all the children who want something for Christmas get it.
Additionally, it can help Santa keep track of what items are in high demand and which ones need to be always in the bag!

Abandoned cart e-mail flow

One of the most important email flows is to check if your customers are happy, in this case, kids!

So, Santa should set up a post-purchase email flow. Let’s call it a post-gifting email flow for this case. Santa could use post-gift email flows to check in with kids and make sure they are happy with the gifts he gave them. This would allow him to get feedback from the kids and make sure they are satisfied with their presents.

Additionally, it would allow Santa to follow up with any issues or concerns the kids may have about their gifts.

Monthly e-mails

Last one in this series. And this is not technically email flow. But, it is essential to every brand, even if you are Santa. And that are monthly emails that will continue engaging your customers with you.

A monthly email that includes holiday-themed content is perfect for keeping the Christmas spirit alive all year.

This could include a monthly newsletter with festive recipes, holiday decorating tips, and fun activities to do during the holidays.

Additionally, you could send out special offers or discounts on products related to the holidays throughout the year. Finally, you could also include a section in each email that announces how many days are till Christmas and keep the Christmas spirit throughout the year.