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How We Managed To Scale Apipet’s Email Channel Up To $200k For Black Friday 2021.

How we managed to scale Apipet’s email channel up to $200k for Black Friday 2021.

Apipet is a brand that’s manufacturing pet supplements based on bee products.

We prepared a detailed strategy on how to crush with an email every promotion you run. Literally any promotion you want to run, product launch, Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc.

4 crucial steps for successful promotion

  1. Announce promotion to your audience
  2. Build an early bird list
  3. Keep your audience engaged and build anticipation
  4. Let them know when promotion has started

We followed these 4 steps every year and results are always better than expected.

We have sent more than 45 email campaigns in november

More than 500 000 emails

Segmented our list in 3 segments (early bird, buyers, engagers)


Highly engaged audience

Ready to act

Apipet’s revenue more than doubled in comparison to average. And one very important point, average order value and margin were higher than regular months