You don’t have to sell your soul for e-mail marketing success

We help you maximize your sales and save you hundreds of hours building email campaigns and automation. If we don’t increase your revenue, we give you money back.

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Why unicorn?

We are ecom owners who understand how hard it is to run all aspects of the business on your own. We know finding an agency that actually cares for you and your business is almost mission impossible, at least it was for us.

We ended up in so many situations where we had to teach agencies how to do their job it got so frustrating we ended up joining our forces and training the whole team to do it ourselves.Now this team can help you too. 

What’s the secret? There is no special secret, there are only 3 passionate founders who had to improve, for their business to survive. 

Email marketing is the factor that changed our stores from struggling to profitable and it can do the same for your business.

Take a look at results from the real brands.

Ivan Radić

Ivan Radić

Apipet & Hedera co-owner

Nikša Rupić

Nikša Rupić

Apipet & Hedera managing partner

Stipe Režić

Mushroom cup owner

Email generates more than 50% revenue for our business and we want to implement all strategies and knowledge we’ve been developing for the last 5 years. Get yourself an unfair advantage and schedule a call with us now.